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2016 In Memoriam

Titles in honor of the many great writers, performers, artists, and

Alan's Big, Scary Teeth by Jarvis

Alan is an alligator known throughout the jungle for his big, scary teeth. He comes from a long line of scary alligators, and he takes his role very seriously. Every morning, he polishes he scales, brushes his big, scary teeth for ten minutes (at least!), and practices his most terrifying expressions in the mirror. He snaps his way through the jungle, and watches with glee as the creatures in his wake flee in terror. 

But, Alan has a secret - one that could destroy him if any of the jungle creatures discovered it. Every night, after faithfully working his way through his favorite crossword puzzles at home, Alan removes his big, scary, false teeth, and places them in a special hiding place before going to sleep. When he awakes one morning to find that his teeth have gone missing, Alan's reputation for being a scary alligator is ruined. He is greeted with laughter by those he had enjoyed terrorizing just the day prior, and ends up fleeing in tears. The jungle critters gather around, and offer to give back his false teeth, on one condition - that he stop scaring his fellow jungle creatures, and instead use his talents for good.

Jarvis presents a beautifully illustrated tale that is a joy to read aloud, and his message will ring true for many youngsters out there. Highly recommended!