Storytime Kits Are Here!

Storytime Kits at ELPLELPL is excited to announce the debut of our newest section of the children’s collection: storytime kits! Storytime kits are just what they sound like – collections of books, music, and activities with a central theme that let you have your own mini storytime at home. With kit themes like animals, colors, ABCs, and more, you and your little readers are sure to find a fun kit to take home and enjoy.

Each kit comes with several books, a music CD, an interactive toy, and a tips sheet featuring songs, rhymes, and activities caregivers can use to supplement the materials and have their very own storytime at home (or in the park, or on the go! The possibilities are endless). These tip sheets focus on the five key concepts of the Every Child Ready to Read program, which emphasizes the importance of reading, writing, talking, singing, and playing in pre-readers. Engaging in these activities through stories, music, and play – both at home and at the library – builds a foundation for life-long reading skills.

Storytime kits can circulate out like all other library materials, and are checked out for 3 weeks. Don’t see a storytime kit on the shelves? They may be checked out, but you can place a hold on them as you would any other library materials so that they will be reserved for you when they are returned. Find all our storytime kits here!

These kits are funded by a generous grant from the East Lansing Rotary Club – many thanks for their support!

Swimmy by Leo Lionni

Swimmy is one of the best stories about cooperation!  Swimmy was a black fish born into a school of red fish.  One day a tuna fish ate all of his brothers and sisters and left Swimmy all alone in the deep, wet world.  He was scared at first, then began to discover all of the treasures of the ocean.  When he finds another school of red fish hiding from the big fish he helps them to swim together to explore as one "big fish".  The illustrations are charming and the story ends itself to lots of discussion!

Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in This Book!)

Okay, so this book had a head start with me, because I love alligators and crocodiles, so any picture book where they're a main character already has a leg up.

King Baby by Kate Beaton

Okay, I love Kate Beaton. I’ve already recommended her first picture book, The Princess and the Pony, here. I hoarded our copy of Hark! A Vagrant! for several weeks.

Fall Is Not Easy by Marty Kelley

I love the simplicity of this book.  The story takes you through a year in the life of a tree and the illustrations are a perfect fit for the text.  It will bring a smile to the reader, while allowing your imagination to explore what else trees could look like in the fall.  A great follow-up activity is to have your child create their own fall tree.  

Alan's Big, Scary Teeth by Jarvis

Alan is an alligator known throughout the jungle for his big, scary teeth. He comes from a long line of scary alligators, and he takes his role very seriously. Every morning, he polishes he scales, brushes his big, scary teeth for ten minutes (at least!), and practices his most terrifying expressions in the mirror. He snaps his way through the jungle, and watches with glee as the creatures in his wake flee in terror. 

But, Alan has a secret - one that could destroy him if any of the jungle creatures discovered it. Every night, after faithfully working his way through his favorite crossword puzzles at home, Alan removes his big, scary, false teeth, and places them in a special hiding place before going to sleep. When he awakes one morning to find that his teeth have gone missing, Alan's reputation for being a scary alligator is ruined. He is greeted with laughter by those he had enjoyed terrorizing just the day prior, and ends up fleeing in tears. The jungle critters gather around, and offer to give back his false teeth, on one condition - that he stop scaring his fellow jungle creatures, and instead use his talents for good.

Jarvis presents a beautifully illustrated tale that is a joy to read aloud, and his message will ring true for many youngsters out there. Highly recommended!