5 Finds: Kids August 2013

My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen

While Gary Paulsen is best known for his fiction for young people, My Life In Dog Years is more of his biography.  It chronicles his life through the various dogs he has owned.  Growing up with alcoholic parents, he spent a lot of time alone.  Dogs became the life saving connection he needed to survive.  This book is perfect for every dog lover and Paulsen fan.

Second Sunday @ Dublin Square Restaurant & Pub

Dublin Square Irish Pub

Please Note: Bring in a copy of the ELPL newsletter and 10% of what you spend is donated to the ELPL!  

East Lansing Welcomes the World

Help us welcome Michigan State University international students and families to the East Lansing community!  There will be food, music, children’s activities and community information.

Community ambassadors are needed to greet guests as they arrive.  If you are interested in being a community ambassador, please contact Phyllis at or Jennifer at

Happy 90th Birthday ELPL!

Celebrate the 90th birthday of the East Lansing Public Library!  Enjoy cupcakes donated by Bake ‘n Cakes.  Plus, all ages can help us build a LEGO® birthday cake and play miniature golf. 

2013 Michigan Reads! Statewide Launch and Author Visit

Library meeting room

2013 Michigan Reads! Statewide Launch & Author Visit

On September 9, ELPL will host the official launch of the 2013 Michigan Reads! program. Author Leslie Helakoski and guest reader Julie Calley, wife of Lt. Governor Brian Calley will be at ELPL for a reading of her book Woolbur and a children's activity. Plus take your photo with a live sheep!  Book sales and signing are also available. 

Magyk - Septimus Heap Bk. 1

 I really loved this book. It's techinically meant for children, but I still greatly enjoyed it. What I loved about this book the most was how imaginative it was. There were cool terms for the magic involved in the book, the characters had interesting personalities that made you want to read about them, and the whole world within the book was described with precision and imagination. My only qualms with the book is that first, it was incredibly predictable. However, it is a kids book, so that's kind of to be expected. The other thing was that it is a very long book. Some parts of it I felt didn't really need to be there or she went into a little too much detail that made the story drag on. It wasn't enough to deter me from finishing it, but it was enough to annoy me as I read it. All in all, it is a wonderful book and would recomend it to those who enjoy a creative and imaginative story. 

August's Storytime and Craft - Below the Ground

Join me for some Below the Ground stories and a fun craft. 

For ages 2-5.

August 7, 10:30-11am.

Craft Time at the Library

The dogs are back and ready for storytellers!

Have you ever thought you could visit the library and read to a real dog?  Well, now is your chance.  Bring a book of your own or choose one here.  Spend one on one time reading to a sweet therapy dog.

August 2, 11-12pm.  Registration begins July 19.

Read to the Dogs

July 30: "Not Another Home Movie" Film Screening @ 7pm

Library Meeting Room

Join local filmmaker Hanan Daqqa on Tuesday, July 30 at 7:00 pm at the East Lansing Public Library and learn about a new way to create home movies. Through a process called Family Participatory, parents collaborate with a professional filmmaker to document a piece of their child's life in an artistic 3-5 minute film. The results are incredible! Short, rich and meaningful films, they can be shared with friends, relatives and the world. When you watch any of them you will realize it is not another home movie!  

Duct Tape Fun!

We had 10 enthusiastic duct tape artists show up on Saturday and make some very cool creations. People left with flowers, bracelets, purses, bags and even a dinosaur!

Check out the slide show!

Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian

Review written by: mary adelman

A very satisfying finish to the complete Artemis Fowl series! Great to see/read all the old characters back in fine form, especially Mulch Diggums. Artemis is so clever and smart as ever - a very funny boy! The ending is open to a new series, about the younger generation, so, it will be interesting to see if the author does develop the leads in that direction. Regardless, I loved the whole series!

By Author/Artist: Colfer, Eoin
Format: hardcover

Foxes by Sandra Markle

With recent fox sightings in several East Lansing neighborhoods, Foxes, by Sandra Markle is a timely book to read.

Although this is a children's non-fiction book, Foxes is interesting and informative for all ages.

Each page contains a photograph of a fox or foxes, and provides various facts about foxes, their habits and their habitats.  Many of the pages also describe what the foxes are doing in the picture and what led up to the picture, which makes it read like short narratives.  It seems as if the author observed the foxes out in the wild and was able to photograph them in action.

This was an interesting, quick read for children and adults who seek to learn about foxes.

Each Kindness

Each Kindness, by award-winning author Jacqueline Woodson is a powerful picture book. I initially chose to read it because I saw it on a list of picture books about school and friendship and thought I'd check it out to possibly recommend to parents whose children have trouble making friends at school. It only took a few minutes to read, but oh, did it pack a lot into those few minutes.

Beautiful watercolor paintings by E. B. Lewis reflect the feelings of the characters and the mood of this 2012 story as it unfolds to tell a story of lost opportunities for kindness. It tells a story of could have, would have, should have, but didn't. The new girl, Maya, comes to school in shabby clothes and the children, especially narrator Chloe, ignore her and make fun of her behind her back until the teacher, Ms. Albert reminds the children that "each thing we do goes out, like a ripple, into the world" and "each kindness makes the whole world a little bit better."

How does it all turn out? You will have to read the book for yourself. I would recommend this for ages 7 & up. Even adult readers could appreciate the story as a parable.  Teachers, this is a must-read in your grade 1 or higher classroom. It has won awards including Coretta Scott King 2013 Author Honor, 2013 Jane Addams Children's Book Award, and the 2013 Charlotte Zolotow Award for Outstanding Writing in a Picture Book