Wild Worms Craft Wrap Up

Plenty of creative juices were flowing at the Wild Worms sock craft program.  We had fun transforming socks into worms with lots of personality.  You might see your sock drawer in a whole new light from now on!

Little Pink Pup by Johanna Kerby

Little Pink Pup is an adorable true story about Tink, a mother dachshund, who raises a little pink pig named Pink.  Pink was the runt of his litter and was pushed out of the way by his siblings when he tried to get food.  Tink had recently had a little of dachshunds and she adopted and raised Pink as one of her own.  Pink's new dachshund brothers and sisters welcomed him in to their family.  "He may not have looked like them, but that didn't matter.  He was just their size!"


Little Pink Pup was a 2011 Children's Choice Book Awards-Book of the Year winner for Beginning Readers (Kindergarten through 2nd grade).  



Readers can learn more about Pink, Tink and their human and non-human families at author Johanna Kerby's website

LEGO Makers Club News

Hope you were able to make the first LEGO Makers Club of the summer on June 20. Everyone had great fun building with LEGOs! Some kids took our challenge to build something from outer space, some kids did their own thing, and some did both. Please enjoy this slideshow of LEGO creations and their builders. Be sure to mark your calendars for the next LEGO Makers Club - Thursday, July 11, 2-4pm, when the challenge will be to create a maze or labyrinth. Remember, you are always welcome to build anything you choose. And by the way, don't forget to check out LEGO books in our collection.   

Be Careful What You Wish For...

Review written by: Alan

This book is about Samantha, a klutzy girl that is taunted by a really mean girl named Judith. One day she helps a lady named Clarissa find directions home, so Clarissa reveals her magical identity and gives Samantha three wishes. Samantha makes pretty normal wishes which are taken at face value by Clarissa, which ruins Samantha's life. The ending is really good, and this book is full of twists and suspense. Recommended for young teens and horror fans.

By Author/Artist: R. L. Stine
Format: Paperback

When You Reach Me

Review written by: Nina Natla

By sixth grade Miranda and her best friend Sal knew how to navigate their NYC neighborhood . They know where its safe to go and who to avoid.Things got crazy because Sal gets punched by a kid on the street for what seems like no reason and he isn't friends with Miranda anymore.

By Author/Artist: Rebecca Stead
Format: Hardcober

The Hunger Games

Review written by: Cindy

Excellent review ahead Readers, but beware, there be spoilers ahead!


In the book, it all starts out as in the ruins of North America, lies a nation called Panem. It includes the Capital with 12 surrounding districts, there used to be 13, but the government bombed District 13. To keep the 12 Districts in line, each district sends a boy and a girl between the ages 12 and 18 to participate in the annual Hunger Games, where you survive on your own in the wild and fight to death with the other players. From District 12, nicknamed the "Seam", 16 year old Katniss Everdeen volunteers for tribute to take her sister, Primrose Everdeen's place, after she was chosen to participate in the Hunger Games. The boy who was chosen, Peeta Mellark, reminded Katniss of 5 years ago when he gave her food, or 2 loaves of bread to eat, after her family was almost starving to death. When they arrive at the Capital, their stylists help them look nice and they attend the ceremony and figure out the Training Center is their new home, for now. Next, they get trained with the previous winner from District 12, Haymitch, or the mentor, and use the training equipment with other district players, and have a "training session" with the game makers, where each of the 24 players show their skills and get a rating from 1-12, 12 being the highest. Katniss, shot a bow at the game maker's roast pig's apple in its mouth that was just delivered because they weren't concentrating to her and excused herself. She later got a 11!!! Later, the 24 players get interviewed by the host, Caesar Flickerman, and Peeta, the boy tribute from District 12 admitted he liked Katniss, the girl tribute from the same District, and Katniss gets really fired up with him. The Hunger Games begin a couple days later! Sadly, Katniss suffers a black-out and gets burned on her right leg calf. She also forms friends and allies with a 12 year old girl from District 11 called Rue, and Rue died later in the book. After Rue's death, there was a rule change, originally having 1 player from a District be a winner, but changing it to 2 players from the same District. Katniss immediately goes and finds Peeta. When Katniss finds Peeta, she discovers Peeta had a big wound on his leg from a cut from a sword done by Cato, the boy form District 2. But anyway, the 2 become star crossed lovers and shared a couple of kisses. A close call of Katniss's death was when Katniss was getting healing cream for Peeta's wound, and Clove, the girl tribute from District 2 almost stabbed her with a knife on Katniss's way back, but Thresh, the boy tribute from District 11, killed Clove for Katniss, and saved her life, because of the relationship between Rue and her. Also, near the end, Cato threatened to kill Peeta, and if Katniss killed Cato, both of them would go down, but Peeta signaled the perfect place to shoot Cato with an arrow, and Peeta survived and Cato died. Then, there was another rule change, changing the number of victors from each District from 2 to 1, but Katniss says Peeta and her are together and would die together, and they were about to eat poison berries on the count of three, but they were both declared winners at the last second. For the victor's ceremony, both of them got half a crown.

By Author/Artist: Suzanne Collins
Format: Hardcover Book

Love Ruby Lavender

Review written by: Nina Natla

Ruby Lavender and Miss Eula are a great team because they do everything together. But when Miss Eula goes to Hawaii to visit her grandbaby, Ruby is stuck in Halleluia,Mississippi bored with curly haired Melba Jane. When it was recital Miss Eula came back and was waiting for Ruby in the Pink Palace.

By Author/Artist: Deborah Wiles
Format: Hardcover

Dear Pen Pal

Review written by: Nina Natla

When Jess gets a is offered an anonymous scholarship to a boarding school she isn't sure if she wants to go because of leaving her friends behind.Meanwhile Megan's grandmother comes for a long visit and everything in the Wong household upside down.

By Author/Artist: Heather Vogel Frederick
Format: paperback

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordon

This is an amazing book. Yeah, sure it's technically for kids, but I don't care. It is a great book. I've already read it, and frankly I've read all of his books, but the second movie in the series is coming out later this year and I wanted to remember all the details so I can properly analyze the movie. Anyway, after reading this again I love how easy it is to read. It doesn't take much effort and is wonderful to just kick back and read if you don't feel like thinking. I've always been fascinated with Greek mythology, so this book really tickled my fancy as I read the intriguing story. It takes you in and makes you wonder how Percy and his friends will overcome the seemingly impossible odds. It even has a little childish humor, which always makes me smile for some reason. The only thing I dislike is Riordan always seems to put his characters to ridiculous time tables. For example, in this book the kids have all of a week or two to complete their crazy quest. Dispite that fact, this is a great book and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. 

Library Fundraiser at Brilliant Sky

Brilliant Sky, 5100 Marsh Rd. Okemos, MI

   East Lansing Public Library Fundraiser @
   Brilliant Sky Toys and Books in Okemos
   Saturday, July 20
   10 am-7 pm

We are so fortunate to have Brilliant Sky Toys & Books in our community!  Owners, Brent and Sonia Taylor, have been huge ELPL supporters over the years and we are immensely grateful. They are showing their support once again by donating a portion of the day's proceeds on July 20th, to support ELPL's children's programming!

Special children's activities will be available throughout the whole day, starting with storytime with Miss Karrie at 10:30 am!

Brilliant Sky is located at 5100 Marsh Rd. in Okemos

Chicken Chicken

Review written by: Alan
Chicken Chicken is a story about two siblings named Crystal and Cole living on a rural chicken farm. Crystal explains how her parents have always dreamed of leaving the urban city and going to a rural area to farm chickens, but Crystal and Cole hate chickens for being filthy. They seem to frequently argue about whose turn it is to feed the chickens or other tasks related to chickens. One day Crystal is told to watch Cole and finds Cole hanging out with his friends Anthony, Franky, and Jeremy. Cole has dared Franky and Jeremy to put water in a woman named Vanessa's mailbox. Vanessa is a strange woman who dresses in all black and tends to be solitary. Many kids call her a sorcerer and claim she practices witchcraft. Eventually Franky and Jeremy escape without being spotted, but Vanessa gives Anthony, Cole and Crystal dirty looks as they run away. The siblings are scared and Cole teases Crystal about being scared of Vanessa for the next days. One day Crystal sees Cole and Anthony fighting over an egg toss. Cole and Anthony bump into Vanessa carrying her groceries. Anthony apologizes and runs away with Cole and Crystal, but not before Vanessa points at Cole and Crystal in a sinister manner and mutters the words, "Chicken, chicken". Cole and Crystal find themselves slowly morphing into chickens, which interferes with normal activities such as eating and talking. Finally, after realizing that Vanessa must have cursed them, Cole and Crystal go to Vanessa's house to apologize in hopes that the spell will be reversed, but Vanessa is not home. Crystal sees books through a window that look like spellbooks, so Cole and her creep inside Vanessa's house to try to find a spell that will cure them. They try a spell but accidently make themselves bigger, then they do it again which makes them smaller. Suddenly Vanessa returns home and laughs at them. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens next! This book uses elements of mystery and horror to create a suspenseful experience. R. L. Stine's style is best for people who are younger teens, as many of them will relate to the characters in this book. The events associated with the characters are smoothly connected. This book is written in clear language and is easy to read. The word choice makes for a climatic feeling in some places in the book. However, the ending may not be what you expect! I recommend this book for anybody who is around the ages of 12-14 and is looking for a horror-mystery style book.
By Author/Artist: R. L. Stine
Format: Paperback book

you are special

Review written by: grace

this is a good book for shows how you are special.this is about a wemmick named punchinello that thought that he couldn't do anything.he alway got dots.he wanted to get star insted.he just couldn't.i would give this book a ten out of ten.the authers purpose is inform.this book made me feel special and that i could do anything

By Author/Artist: max lucado and sergio martinez
Format: hardcover

Signed By: Zelda

Review written by: Cindy
First of all, there are 4 main characters, Lucy Bertel, Nicky Gibson, Pigeon, and Nicky's Grandma, Grandma Zelda, and the book takes place in New York. Lucy believes every handwriting has a secret to it and has a heart for examining people's handwriting and signatures and just moved from Savannah. Nicky spends most of his time in his time in his room because of the time-outs his father gave him. He knows his father isn't a nice man and suspects that he has done something wrong. Pigeon can talk and is a pie eating pigeon. Grandma Zelda makes delicious Zeldaberry pie and is very adventurous. But later, Zelda goes missing, and Nicky, Lucy, and Pigeon join forces to find her, and the only clue they have is a note that Grandma Zelda left, that says "Help Me". Check link out for picture of the book.
By Author/Artist: Kate Feiffer
Format: Hardcover Book