Buffalo Wild Wings Participates in Show Your Card and Save

During the month of September, ELPL cardholders will receive 10% off food (not valid with any other discount, coupon, or special) from Buffalo Wild Wings.  The discount is available at the Buffalo Wild Wings location at 306 Albert Avenue only.

Week 8 Challenges - Animation

Last week of Fizz, Boom, Read!  Here are the challenges:

Week 8 Challenges

  • Check Out -  Read an item from ELPL's list of hand-picked Animation titles.  Or find one of your own.
  • Find Out - What is the name of the phenomenon that explains why humans see still drawings shown in rapid sequence as moving "animated" pictures?
  • Try Out - We've pinned lots of animation projects and activities on ELPL's Pinterest Week 8 board.  Try one out or design your own activity to explore the amazing field of the science of animation.
  • Go Out - Check out an animated movie or short film from the library, Netflix, internet, Redbox or video store, or, visit a movie theater to watch one on the big screen.  What kind of animation is it?  You can also join us on Wednesday, August 6 at 1pm, for an exclusive screening of the short films made during ELPL's LEGO Animation Workshop.  Screening of short films begins at 1pm and at 2pm, we'll be showing The LEGO Movie.  Free popcorn while supplies last.  What kinds of animation were used in the short films and The LEGO Movie?  

My New Friend is So Fun! by Mo Willems

The Elephant and Piggie series by Mo Willems is a delight for young readers.  The newest book, My New Friend is So Fun! is fast becoming one of my favorites.  Gerald and Piggie are best friends.  But what happens when your best friend has a new friend?  What if they start to like the new friend more than they like you?  Those questions and more are explored in this silly book that is fun to read.   Perfect for anyone who likes pigs, elephants or friends!

3D Printer is Up and Running!

We received our 3D printer and it is up and running! We printed a few knick knacks just to test it out. But, today we're printing a polygonal bunny figurine! It takes 6-7 hours to print and is about 70 grams. We will be installing more options for the studio in the coming weeks and hope to have it all ready for the public in August or September. Keep checking back with us for more updates!

Week 7 Challenges - Audiology/Music

This Tuesday, July 22, you'll have a chance to fulfill the Go Out Challenge for Week 7 by attending our Instrument Petting Zoo.  William White, from White Brothers Music of Bath, will be at the library with an array of instruments to try out.  Event is from 7-8pm in the library's meeting room.

Week 7 Challenges

The 3D printer is here!

3D printer, 3D scanner and lots of filament!  The new equipment for the studio is starting to roll in and first to arrive is the library's new 3D printer and 3D scanner.  Installation of the equipment will begin on Monday and if testing and implementation goes well, we hope to launch the studio to the public in August or September.  We'll be posting more updates as more equipment is installed so check back to get regular updates.

Impression 5 Workshop: Reactions Science

Workshop Full
Registration Closed


Learn all about the science of reactions in this hands on workshop hosted by Impression 5 staff.

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Impression 5 Workshop: Mission to Mars

Meeting Room

Learn all about taking a trip to Mars in this hands on workshop hosted by Impression 5 staff.

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The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes

I have long been a fan of Kevin Henkes.  Two of his picture books, Owen and Chrysanthemum, are huge favorites of mine and if you haven’t read them to your young child I highly recommend them!  The Year of Billy Miller is a 2014 Newbery Honor winner and one of the sweetest books I have read this year.  The characters are funny, the story is engaging and the illustrations are charming.  Billy is about to enter 2nd grade when he has an unlucky fall and bumps his head.  He begins to question whether or not he’s smart enough and if the fall impacted his ability to learn and remember.  Changes are happening in his family and his life and Billy is learning how to navigate many things at once.  Dioramas, which I believe are a lost art, also play a part in this book and got my immediate attention!!  This is a perfect short novel for the early elementary grades.

Week 6 Challenges - Cells, Microorganisms and Tiny Creepy Crawlies!

Week 6 is all about the biology of very small things.  Here come the bugs!


Week 6 Challenges

Week 5 Challenges - Architecture

Here are the Week 5 Challenges!


Week 5 Challenges

  • Check Out -  Read an item from ELPL's list of hand-picked Architecture titles.  Or find one of your own.
  • Find Out - Name at least one of the architectural styles or motifs on display in Michigan State University's Beaumont Tower.  
  • Try Out - We've pinned lots of Architecture projects on ELPL's Pinterest Week 5 board .  Try one out or design your own activity to explore the wonderful world of architecture.
  • Go Out - Take a look at some of the best of architecture in Michigan, either by looking online or paging through books and magazines.  Then take a walk around your neighborhood.  What types of buildings do you see?  Do you recognize any iconic architectural styles?  Take a trip to downtown East Lansing or Lansing.  What kinds of buildings shape the region's downtowns?    

Week 4 Challenges - Meteorology and Weather

We're releasing the Week 4 Challenges for Fizz, Boom, Read! a bit early this week, just in case you are traveling out of town for the holiday.  Also, on Tuesday, July 1 at 2pm, stop by the library to meet WILX-TV's Chief Meteorologist Darrin Rockcole, and fulfill the Week 4 Go Out Challenge.  Bring your weather related questions for fun session of "Ask the meteorologist!".  


Complete one of this week's challenges and win the Week 4 prize for your reading program, as well as the Week 4 Weather badge on your Summer Reading Personal Progress Page.

Complete two or more of this week's challenges and you will also win the Week 4 bonus prize for your reading program, as well as the Week 4 Weather Bonus badge on your Summer Reading  Personal Progress Page.


Week 4 Challenges

LEGO Animation Workshop

Image courtesy of WikipediaProduce, shoot and edit your very own stop motion film using LEGO.  Team up with other film-makers to dream and story board your idea, build and shoot your movie and then edit and cut it with sound effects, music and dialog.  All finished films will be posted to the library's website and Youtube.  Additionally, on Wednesday, August 6, we'll be screening all the completed films and watching a very popular LEGO movie released in February 2014.

Two, 2-day sessions on July 31 and August 1 will be offered for two different age groups:  7-10 and 11-13.  

  • Children ages 7-10 will participate in the 10am - 1pm sessions on July 31 and August 1.
  • Children ages 11-13 will participate in the 2-5pm sessions on July 31 and August 1.

Children will be working in groups.  Register online beginning July 17.

Tie Dye Craft Program

East Lansing Public Library

Bring your own white T-shirt and create a blast from the past; an original, wearable piece of art.